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We don’t have any products to show here right now.


We will advertise on this page when we are about to do a manufacturing run for a design/s so get in and order your size if we have run out of stock. You must get your preorder in by the advertised date to guarantee getting your size/s needed. 


* Approx delivery date will be confirmed once order with manufacturer has been placed.

If you have missed the cut off date, don't panic as we usually order extras (but not in all sizes). Stock is updated on the preorder page for you to order from before they arrive. We will send it to you once it has.


We do not do preorders on all designs all the time and cannot promise there will be another re-run of the same design after this as we are always coming up with new editions.


Your order is placed with the manufacturer when minimum numbers required have been reached. It can take a number of weeks to get the quantity we need, but we will let you know once we have. Delivery to you on pre-orders will take up to 8 weeks from the date we place the order with our manufacturer.

Once your order has gone through to the manufacturer, we are unable to offer refunds as this is a made to order service.


**PreOrders: Please note if you purchase in-stock with preorder items in the same transaction the whole order will be held until the preorder item/s arrive. If you would like in-stock items shipped out immediately place two separate orders, this covers 2 shipments and your preorder will be shipped out once it has arrived.


If the design you want is not in stock and not on this preorder tab let us know so we can consider doing a run on that design sooner rather than later. 


As always if you would like any other information or a better idea of timeframes contact us before you go ahead, we are here to help :)

Buckmundi Lace

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